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LakeDistrict Hub Digital Marketing & Consultancy

If you are looking to take your business to that next level then we can help. Gareth O'Rourke is the founder of LakeDistrict Hub, a website that has been set up to help the local businesses of the Lake District. He is also a multi award-winning individual in the digital marketing space across both the tourism and fashion industry. He has helped businesses become industry leaders in their fields and transformed their digital footprint.

Digital marketing can often be a mystifying area and many business are nervous about entering this space with the confusing language agencies use. Gareth will help simplify this process and use his 20 years of experience and extensive network to help your business capture additional market share. 

Please see his LinkedIn profile for his full experience.

Our Digital Marketing Services:

Website Design

We can build you beautiful websites that are UX (user Experience) friendly and most importantly will help convert your potential customers. We can build any type of websites from tourism and accommodation websites right up to full scale E-Commerce websites. We use various platforms to create these and they include Umbraco, Wordpress, Shopify, Visual Soft and Aero. We will always select the right one based on the specification of the website and your budget and give you advice on best practice throughout the build process. 

Digital Marketing Consultancy

If you are looking for digital marketing or business consultancy then we will be able to assist you with this. Often businesses get stuck in a routine of continuing to do the same thing over and over and eventually market share starts to drop as your competitors are moving on.

We can come into your business and help you achieve a number of things.

- Detailed marketing strategies and plans.

- Detailed marketing budgets and business budgets. 

- Full audit of current marketing and business activities. 

- Implementation of new processes including any new software. 

- Assistance in entering new markets including International markets. 

In-house Training and Development

If you would like to upskill your digital marketing team, then we can help. We can offer 1/2 day training or full day training to help your marketing team achieve more and help in their personal development. We will always work with the business and focus on areas that you think the team need further development on, however we will always advise if we feel there are other areas that may also need focus.

We can help with some of the following. 

- Google Analytics and Adwords Training.

- Google Search Console Training. 

- How to create content.

- How to use Social Media. 

- How to create a marketing plan and budgets.

- How to communicate to your consumers in the right way.

- How to use data to influence your marketing decision.

SEO Marketing Services

One of the things that many people don't like about digital marketing is the number of acronyms the industry uses. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, or to put it another way, methods used to help your website and pages on your website appear higher in the search results across Google, Bing and other search engines. It is also about getting your site found for additional search queries that are relevant to your business and about amplifying all of the above so that your content is being found more often and that other websites link to your content to add authority to your website and business.

Paid Media and Paid Social Media

We offer a range of options in the paid media space across Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms. 

Paid media is about finding the right audience at the right times in the right locations to enable the highest possible chance of converting the consumer onsite. We can help with implementation of tracking tags on site to make sure that you are tracking your customer end-to-end, where possible. 

The team have extensive knowledge of all paid media activities and have managed single client budgets of £700,000 per annum, although we are happy to take on clients of all sizes and budgets. 


If you're looking to set up a business, a re-brand or refresh of your current branding then we can help create a brand that identifies with your customer while making sure it stands out for your competitors. Branding is everything in business and it helps defines who you are as a business but also who you are to your consumers. The wrong brand can be a disaster while the right branding can bring in a steady stream of new customers and helps you communicate your message with more clarity across all digital channels.

E-Commerce Packages

If you are a food business or a shop and you're looking to get online and sell your products then we can help you with this. We can source the right E-Commerce platforms, the right software partners and implement a full digital strategy to help you achieve your goals to grow. Starting out online is often a daunting experience but Gareth can assist you with this by using his 20 years experience in digital working at Director level within the fashion industry to make sure you get the basics right from the start. He can advice on logistical partners, warehouse software, internal processes and training across the entire E-Commerce ecosystem.

If you would like to have an informal conversation about any of these services, then please get in touch with a little more information about your business and what you;re looking to achieve and we will come straight back to you.