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Lake District Instagram Accounts To Follow in 2022

Whether you have never been to the Lake District before and are looking to see what all the fuss is about, a seasoned visitor looking to uncover the next location to explore, a local hoping to discover new adventures just on your doorstep or a photographer in search of epic landscapes and inspiration - the Lake District Hub is here to help. Covering over 2,362 km2 of breathtakingly beautiful landscape, pinning down exactly where to go to get the best views of the Lake District can be tricky, but to give you a guiding hand we have put together 6 incredible Lake District photographers to check out!



Tim Dove’s photography can be described as nothing short of breathtakingly beautiful. From the lakes to the fells and also the odd local Herdwick sheep his epic photography covers it all and with his ethereal shots of early morning mist sleepily rolling over the landscape he’ll give you a reason to get out of bed early to catch that sunrise. He also takes workshops so if you a budding photographer give him a shout.

Tim Dove


Ryan’s images can only be described as out of this world. Not only does he showcase the most dramatic, stunning landscapes but this adventure photographer ventures above the clouds capturing the most incredible views of the Lake District and with his shots of the last rays of the day he’ll inspire you to be on the fells from dawn till dusk.

Ryan Lomas


Jonny is another adventure photographer who has a talent for showcasing the dramatic beauty of the Lake District. Whether it’s scaling the highest fells or capturing their reflections at the water edge Jonny will certainly inspire you to discover everything the Lake District has to offer.

JP Pursuits


Scotty loves to capture the quiet stillness of the Lake District particularly at first light and at the end of the day as the last rays are setting the sky aglow. His shots using a drone give you a true sense of the majesty of this UNESCO World Heritage site and his stunning shots in all seasons will give you a reason to keep coming back to the Lake District time and time again.

Scotty Stephenson


Sean is a UK based photographer who captures the dramatic scenery of the Lake District with awe-inspiring results which will make you ache to get out there whatever the weather to watch those clouds rolling over the fells for yourself.



Living in the Lake District, the famous fells are Jed’s creative playground and he sure does produce some incredible photos! With shots of dramatic valley’s and fells both in the Lakeland District as well as further afield in Scotland Jed’s account is definitely one to inspire that intrepid hiker.

Jed Reading